Brandon Muir Portfolio

Web Design & Development

Brandon Muir is a Vancouver-based collage artist whose medium is GIF art, meant to leave you feeling slightly uneasy. His main channel for posting content is through Instagram.


This was done for a real client, but as an assignment for a web development course during my graphic design diploma program. The requirements for this project were to design and develop a 3-page website. We did explorations through thumbnails and mockups, culminating on a 3-page website that was coded to match the final mockups.

Project Goals & Challenges

This was the first static website that I ever coded from scratch. I chose to teach myself how to use Bootstrap for the site, as I felt having familiarity with the framework would be a great addition to my skill set. I created the brand identity to match the mood of the artwork.


  • A portfolio website that displays work in a unique way and suits the client’s brand.
  • Full page navigation menu.
  • The gallery page utilizes modals for each GIF.
  • Website is responsive on all screen sizes.


I found Bootstrap to be very intuitive. Being the first site I ever coded, I struggled with the columns and modals in order to have everything sized the way it was designed, but once I figured out the proper way to target Bootstrap’s elements, everything behaved the way I intended it to. The site is very clean and organized to not distract from the art. The client—Brandon Muir—is very happy with the outcome, and we are still working together in order to keep the art up-to-date and engaging.

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