Web Design & Development

CityFood is a university research project funded in part by the EU. Their research is aimed at addressing the question of using aqua-agriculture—also known as aquaponics—as a sustainable form of urban food production in order to meet rapidly growing populations.


This project was done during my graphic design diploma program as part of Studio Nuvo, the student-run design studio, in which we work with real clients to complete design projects for them. CityFood approached our studio because their funding requires them to have a website for the delivery of their research as well as for outreach. This was a three-person team project in which my role involved web design and development.

Project Goals & Challenges

We designed the website to make the CityFood research accessible and by the general public, academics, and any policy-makers who may have an interest in bringing aquaponics into their cities.


  • Site built with WordPress to allow for regular content updates by CityFood.
  • Bright, friendly interface.
  • Easily understandable graphics.
  • Dynamic layout.
  • Website is responsive on all screen sizes.


Overall, the client—CityFood—is very pleased with the site. We designed an effective content strategy and layout to prompt the user to continue reading without feeling overwhelmed by the content, and the feedback we received proved it to be a success.

“I was impressed with the way Jamie managed her team, and the ideas presented while building our site, while maintaining our initial requests. The CityFood group were all very happy with the final site.

– Skye Woodcock, CityFood Collaborator