UI/UX Design

Mindmuze is an inspiring idea generation app. The app offers multiple brainstorming methods, as well as the ability to collaborate with friends or co-workers on brainstorming sessions.


This was a three-person team project. My role involved developing the app concept, app design, and implementation of the brand identity.This was done as an assignment for a UI/UX course of my graphic design diploma. The requirements for the project were to conceptualize and design a unique app that could feasibly succeed in the world.

Project Goals & Challenges

Our user research uncovered a gap in the market for an idea generating app that is simple to use, offers more than one brainstorming method, and allows collaboration with friends and colleagues. We designed the app to be intuitive and to ensure focus on the task at hand.


  • Idea boards are used to organize different brainstorming sessions.
  • Combines multiple brainstorming methods in one place.
  • 2 dimensional design and calming colours remove any distractions.
  • Timed methods help the user to focus on the task at hand.
  • Ability to collaborate with friends and colleagues on idea boards as well as real-time group brainstorming with the Brain Writing method.


While this project was never developed into a working app, my teammates and I did make a clickable prototype and had people test it out and give us feedback. The results were that it was easy to use and intuitive, however there was some functionality missing, such as having the ability to send an email invitation to someone who has never used the app before. Overall, it was very well received. With over 84,400 graphic designers in Canada and countless creative hobbyists, Mindmuze could be a huge success were it developed into a working app.