The Wandering Dumpling

Web Design & Development

The Wandering Dumpling is a fusion restaurant providing a culturally diverse dining experience, serving dumplings from all over the world.


This was done as an assignment for a web development course during my graphic design diploma program. The requirements for this project were to create and implement a brand identity and a 5-page website for the new restaurant. This was a two-person team project in which my role involved developing the restaurant concept as well as web design and development.

Project Goals & Challenges

The target market of The Wandering Dumpling is trendy working professionals between the ages of 20-50. Potential locations are trendy neighbourhoods such as Mt. Pleasant, Commercial Drive, Kitsilano or Chinatown, and we built the concept and brand to stand out from existing restaurants in those areas. The website gives the user a taste of what kind of experience to expect at the restaurant.


  • Site built with WordPress to allow for easy menu updates and plug-in use for online ordering.
  • Brand identity development adaptable on all marketing and collateral materials.
  • Responsive across all screen sizes—allows for easy mobile ordering.


Our original design had a red and yellow color scheme that once presented to users, we realized had too much of a tie to Chinese culture, and the restaurant is meant to be culturally diverse. The original design had a menu that didn’t allow online ordering, which people found to be disappointing when clicking through the website. We revised the color scheme to be more reflective of the restaurant’s international dumpling selection, and added a functioning interactive ordering option for the menu to encourage people to visit the website more often.